Wine Cellar Construction Specifications

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What special specifications relate to wine cellar construction?

Wine Cellar Construction Specifications

There are certain things you need to incorporate in your home design when you decide to undertake wine cellar construction.

For example, your framing walls must be 2" x 6" @ 16" on center, and your framing ceiling must be 2" x 8" @ 16" on center.

You should install a vapor barrier on the warm side of walls and ceilings, and your insulation should be a minimum of R-19 in the walls and R-30 in the ceilings. A vapor barrier is designed to keep moist air inside the wine cellar while preventing condensation from developing on the exterior of the wine cellar. 6 mil polyethylene must be applied on between the outside of the wall and the insulation. Check your local building codes.

You should use special sheathing on the walls, too. Your finished wall materials should consist of: ½" moisture resistant green board. Green board is a moisture resistant form of gypsum board and is specifically designed for high moisture environments. If this seems overwhelming, don't worry - the right contractor or architect will know what to do.



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