The Right Wine Room Design

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What's the right wine room design for me?

The Right Wine Room Design

If you don't have a basement or a cellar, you might want to create a wine room specifically for wine storage. These wine rooms, off the kitchen, dining room, or family room, offer convenient, large capacity, and climate controlled storage for your wines. Of course, we always recommend below ground wine cellars, but if that simply is not an option, make sure there is a space for the cooling system to exhaust into.

You can turn an existing room into a wine room, or you can create one when you design your home. Either way, you should base your wine room design on the number of bottles you'd like to store now -- and in the future.

It can be big enough to walk in or it can be a small space, like a closet beneath the stairs. It should be able to hold sufficient storage racks for your needs, and be insulated for climate control. A wine room may be just what you need to get your wine collection going!



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