Why Mahogany for Your Wine Cellar?

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Why do I need a mahogany wine cellar?

Why Mahogany for Your Wine Cellar?

Don't be fooled by competitors who offer cheaper woods, like redwood and pine! These are soft woods that can dent if a bottle hits them, or with everyday use. In addition, these woods are not as strong as mahogany, and racks built with them may not be able to hold as much weight as those made of mahogany. When storing hundreds of bottles, that weight is a real consideration! In addition, mahogany is a beautiful wood that will stand the rigors of wine storage for many years. Other manufacturers may tell you their woods are adequate for the job. However, a mahogany wine cellar is stronger, more durable, and equally beautiful. If you're going to invest in fine wines, invest in a mahogany wine cellar to do them justice.



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