How Much Will Your Wine Storage Racks Hold?

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How can I figure how much wine I can store in my wine storage racks?

How Much Will Your Wine Storage Racks Hold?

Each of the wine storage racks in a system will hold a specific number of wine bottles. Proper wine racking is essential when calculating the amount of space you'll need to house your entire collection? As a rule of thumb, you can figure out how many bottles you can store by the size of the room. For example, a 5-foot by 5-foot space with a 7-foot ceiling will hold about 540 bottles, while a space of the same size with an 8-foot ceiling will hold about 648 bottles. Of course, this depends on the design of your overall cellar, too. Remember, however much space you think you need, add more in the final design to allow your cellar to grow for years to come!



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