Individualized Wine Cellar Designs

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How Do I Know Which Wine Cellar Design Is Best For Me?

Individualized Wine Cellar Designs

Wine cellar designs are as varied as the design of individual homes. The wine cellar design you choose should best suit your home and the volume of wine you plan to store. For volume ranges from medium to high, a walk-in wine cellar is the best option available. The size of the wine cellar should depend on the size of your home and what locations are available for this project. A walk-in wine cellar should include an appropriately-sized cooling unit and reinforced paneling throughout the space. Racking options can vary, although modular wine racks are easily adapted to differently sized wine cellars. Accents can include contrasting styles of wood, murals and striking pieces of art and a unique door style. This can make your wine cellar stand out with style and elegance.



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