Check Out Local Wine Storage Companies

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Does It Matter If I Choose A Local Wine Storage Company?

Check Out Local Wine Storage Companies

Should you decide to store your wine at an offsite location, it is best to do so within a close distance to your home, for several reasons.
1. Working with a local company gives you an opportunity to tour the storage facility. Check out the conditions in the wine cellars or storage units and see if the company pays close attention to temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.
2. You have the opportunity to inquire, in person, about the training and expertise of the company's employees, access testimonials from other customers and read any reviews or write-ups they have had locally.
3. Word of mouth is essential to any business. Ask friends, neighbors and co-workers what kind of experience they have had or know of with the company before you agree to store your wine cache with them.
Your collection is important to you - whether you have five or 50 bottles.
Make sure that the company you choose for wine storage is reputable with an unfailing reputation for commitment and excellence.



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