Types of Wine Cooling Systems

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What are the kinds of wine cooling systems?

Types of Wine Cooling Systems

The main three types of wine cooling systems are through-wall, ductless split, and ducted systems. Through-wall systems are mounted through the wall of the wine cellar and send exhaust into an adjoining room. The heat from the wine cooling system exhaust will need to be cooled as well, so installing an air conditioner in the "vent room" is a good idea. Ductless split units are similar to through-walls, except that the evaporator coil is in the room along with a split refrigeration unit. The condenser is in an adjoining room or even outdoors. A drain is needed for excess condensation. With a ducted system, you're offered the most complete wine cooling system. The unit is either put in through-wall or installed remotely. Air is ducted into and out from the wine cellar as well as the room in which it's housed, allowing for proper cooling and exhaust.



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