Use of Boxes

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How do I use cardboard boxes in commerical wine displays?

Use of Boxes

Most of the time, wine is sold in cardboard boxes. Wooden boxes are typically saved for the more expensive wines (there's no price guideline for wine coming in wooden boxes, but a safe bet would be that wine bottles costing around $65 or more arrived in a wooden case) or come from a more traditional vineyard. With wooden wine cases, making a commercial wine display is as easy as setting out the boxes with the top one open and the wines displayed.

The expensive look of the box and the wine itself are an easy and quick way to catch the customer's attention. However, in general, when you're displaying a case stack of wine, you're going to be working with cardboard. Creative stacking comes in very handy with cardboard. Cutting the first box to display the bottles inside and placing that on the top works, but also try stacking in formations: graduate from a small base to a wider middle to a small display top, use larger boxes and countertops as part of the display, include shelving or place the display near a wine rack so that you can incorporate more individual bottles.



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