Use of Description Tags

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How do shelf talkers help with commerical wine display?

Use of Description Tags

Description tags are VERY important in commercial wine display and in commercial wine racks. People can see bottles and they might be very attractive, but what attracts a shopper the most is the fact that they can get a short, quick description of the wine just by glancing at the shelf. Tags aren't just for novices, either. New wines are hitting the market at a phenomenal rate, hundreds of new wineries and vineyards every year, and it's hard to make a choice out of such vast selections.

Description tags or "shelf talkers" are your best bet toward attracting customers to your wine display and wine racks. Short, succinct descriptions of the wine work best, usually no more than a dozen or so words and the best part is that most of the time, you can find the shelf talkers free for printing from the vineyard or winery's website.



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