The Metal Wine Rack

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What are the options with metal wine racks?

The Metal Wine Rack

According to Chinese astrology, a person whose element is metal is determined, self reliant, unyielding, strong, reserved, sophiticated and a seeker of pleasure. The metal element in wine racks can vary from fairy-thin twines suspended in the corner of your kitchen to massive wrought iron structures that could hold up a years worth of wine and perhaps a few elephants as well.

There are two very important things to look for when picking out your metal wine rack; the wine rack will hold the bottles you want it to hold and the rack holds the wine at a downward angle. Also, make sure you keep your bottles away from excessive heat and light. Besides that, you can be as creative as you want to be. Metal wine racks are also available with doors, but most of the time are made in an open manner, since the metal itself can become quite heavy. Wrought iron wine racks can be custom-built as well and as often as not, you can find a metalworker in your town who can build you something comletely unique; just make sure you can get it into your house and you have a space that can support the weight of the structure.



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