The Wooden Wine Rack

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what are my options with wooden wine racks?

The Wooden Wine Rack

A wood person, according to Chinese astrology, is flexible, outgoing, expansive and socially conscious; just like their element. A person looking into purchasing a wooden wine rack is typically building it into a part of their house or would like something brighter than the traditional metal. Wooden wine racks are also more likely to be built in to cabinets with extra drawers for serving goods, or built with doors to conceal the wine. The most important aspect of purchasing a wine rack is to make sure that the shelving will hold the size of bottle you want to store and it will hold the wine with the cork end at a downward angle.

Also, make sure you keep your bottles away from excessive light and heat. Since wood is so easy for the everyday person to work with, wooden wine racks have been seen to run from a simple wooden board with the base sheared off at a 45 degree angle and a hole in the top center for holding the neck of the bottle to intricate Chinese creations over 500 years old that hide the wine behind an ornately carved and guilded cabinet door. The tilting board has even been taken to extremes, with several dozen holes holding up cases of wine at once.

Another added bonus of the wooden wine rack is the lightness of the structure itself. It's usually fairly easy to take apart and can be carried more easily than a wrought iron rack. The price on wooden wine racks can vary from $5 for a wooden board to intricately carved creations costing in the hundreds of thousands.



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