The Hanging Wine Rack

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what are my options with suspended wine racks?

The Hanging Wine Rack

Suspended wine racks are perfect for cramped spaces. A suspended wine rack is usually made of metal and/or wood. Your wine bottles should be kept away from heat and light, so consider
that when you are picking a place for your suspended wine rack.

The metal racks with several corkscrews of wire spilling away from the stem to hold the wine bottles are great decorative items, but should not be used for your nicest bottles. There is always a chance that the rack might not be hung properly or someone will run straight into it and jostle the whole structure. You don't want your best bottle of Pinot to hit the floor, so make sure your suspended wine rack is hung where it won't be easily in anyone's way and that it is suspended from a stud or with a high weight capacity hanging element.

Another type of suspended wine rack features a bracket across the bottom half for holding wine glasses, usually made of wood so as not to chip the glass bases. The wine lays across the top and the whole structure can be suspended in your kitchen or serving area. The wire suspended wine racks almost always hold the wine cork down since it helps with the structure of the hanging wine rack, but with the flat suspended wine racks that hold glasses as well, make sure there's a little prop on the back of the structure that will keep the bottles ever so slightly tilted toward the cork so that the cork doesn't dry out.



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