The Built-in Wine Rack

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what are built-in wine racks?

The Built-in Wine Rack

The built-in wine rack is very similar to a hidden wine rack in that it is ultra versatile and can bring up the value of your home if you install it properly and the rack flows with the house. Built-in racks are also able to be hidden, but a lot of the time, it's a great feature to have in your kitchen or living room. A simple wooden cross-hatch pattern that tilts the bottles slightly toward their corks would be attractive anywhere, is functional and gives any visitors the impression that you have taste (even if it is full of Lancers rose). A built-in wine rack can be a simple matter of installing wooden slats or creating a new cabinet in your kitchen for a wine refrigerator, but in either case, a built-in wine rack is a wonderful added feature for adding value to your home.



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