Making Your Own Wine Rack

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How do I build a wine rack?

Making Your Own Wine Rack

Either you're strapped for cash or you've got the creative bug burrowing around in your brain, but building your own wine rack can be fun as well as challenging.

The simplest wine rack that a person could build would to be to take a 2 x 4 piece of wood and cut it so it's about 2 feet long. Bore a hole in the top center of the board about an inch and a quarter in diameter. turn the board and cut the bottom end at a 45 degree angle. Now, take a bottle of wine from your shelf and stick the neck into the bore hole and place the board on the angle end with the bottle as balance in the other direction. Voila! Wine rack.

Built-it-yourself wine racks can be as difficult as you want them to be, but the end result is very rewarding. Plans for wine racks are free on the Internet at or you can visit your local hardware store and ask them for recommendations. Don't be afraid to get creative!



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