Ideal Wine Temperature Storage

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What is the best temperature to keep wine at?

Ideal Wine Temperature Storage

Storing wine in temperature controlled wine cellars allows a collector to keep their wine from maturing too quickly. If the wine is kept at in an average household room, the temperature will cause the wine to mature quickly and the varying temperature will cause it to age even faster. The ideal temperature for wine is typically between 39 and 65 degrees, white or red. A fair temperature to keep both would be right around 55 degrees. If you chill your white wine too much, you won't be able to completely taste all the wine since its flavors will be hidden by the chill. Conversely, a red wine has characteristics that can be brought out if it's served slightly cool. It is even possible to bring wine to the freezing point with no ill effects, but the point of storing wine is to slow the maturation process, not halt it.



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