Wine Storage Coolers

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Where can I get a wine storage cooler?

Wine Storage Coolers

Wine storage coolers can vary in price and appearance from a $5 bucket with ice in it to a several thousand dollar dual temperature wine storage system. To chill your wine, pop it in the fridge for about ten to fifteen minutes before you drink it. You don't want it too cold or it will mask the flavors in the wine. When transporting your wine, neoprene sleeves work well to keep the wine cool during your trip and also helps to keep the light off the bottle.

Wine coolers are even made to fit in your car, even though they aren't technically called "wine coolers", just plug-in refrigerators, but they work! Especially on long trips to your favorite picnic spot. Inexpensive wine storage cooling units are usually available at your local all-in-one retail outlets for around $50, just remember that the wine rack size varies and most of the more inexpensive wine cooling units will not hold all sizes of wine bottles.



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