Quick Cooling Wine Systems

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How to I cool wine fast?

Quick Cooling Wine Systems

Today, you can find a quick chilling wine system in just about any wine retail outlet. These great big tubs of super-chilled, swirling water can chill a bottle in less than two minutes and are available commercially, but they do take up a good amount of space. Some alternate methods of quick wine chilling include popping the bottle into your refrigerator (never the freezer!) for 10 to 15 minutes or, if you're in a hurry, putting the bottle in a bucket of salted ice for a few minutes. Copper containers full of ice tend to keep bottles cooler, longer and other inventions, such as the KegPal with 25 feet of coiled copper tubing sitting in ice will chill your wine completely as it travels through the coil. Chiller sleeves are also handy, working like an ice pack koozie on your wine.



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