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Tip your glass

Having only come into existence in the early 1600s, the traditional wine bottle was a revolution in the world of wine making. No longer did they have to haul around heavy barrels and build large rooms in which to store them; now they could carry wine around in their pockets.

The traditional 750ml size bottle is just the right size for mid-long term storage, although the larger the bottle the better, since wine oxidizes in proportion to the amount of air it is exposed to. Half bottles are popular for single servings and picnics, but should not be considered a bottle that should be saved for too long. Other wine bottle sizes include the two bottle capacity magnum, the three bottle "Marie-Jean", the four bottle double magnum, the six bottle Jeroboam and the eight bottle Imperiale. The sparkling wines have even more of a selection, including the 20 bottle capacity "Nebuchadnezzar".

When looking for just the right method of wine storage, it's important to keep in mind the wide variety of bottle sizes as well as shapes. Many refrigerated units, wire racks and wooden units are built for the standard size bottle and won't accommodate the wide base of a Burgundy bottle or the extra long neck of an Alsacean wine.



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