Closet Cellars

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How do I turn a closet into a wine cellar?

Closet Cellars

Wine cellars don't have to be free standing cabinets or cumbersome refrigerators blocking up your kitchen space. A fun, crafty way of handling your wine storage is to build wine rack cabinets right into an existing closet. First thing's first, it's a good idea to consult experts on what you're planning to do. Wine cellar installation experts are available, such as those at, but you can also call on a local contractor.

After ascertaining the dimensions of the to-be-renovated closet, decide on what sort of racking you would like to use: diamond bins, rectangular bins, square bins or simply shelves for case storage. Wine rack cabinets come in mahogany and can be built to fit perfectly in your closet space. You will also need to purchase a climate control/humidity control unit that will keep your closet dimensions between 55 and 58 degrees with 60 percent to 65 percent humidity (maximum). Also, make sure your closet is insulated and free of permeable surfaces, such as raw wood or un-insulated drywall. Your floor, walls and ceiling all need to be well insulated so the climate control system can properly handle the space without costing you an arm and a leg. After your closet space is properly insulated, be sure to follow your building plans exactly. It's much easier to install your wine storage closet correctly the first time than it is to repair a costly mistake later on.



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