How to Build an Under-the-Stair Wine Storage Space

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How to Build an Under-the-Stair Wine Storage Space

Finding space for your wine racking needs can sometimes be a challenge. Extra space in your home might be hard to come by. But if you think creatively, you can probably utilize a low-traffic area such as under the stairs as a great way to fit a wine storage space into your home. Building a wine storage space under the stairs is a good alternative to storing your wine in cellar-like conditions without having to dedicate an entire room as a wine cellar.

The first thing to consider is the size of the space under your stairs. Measure the area and sketch it out on paper, including all exact measurements. This will allow you to easily plan out your new, conveniently-located wine storage area and the wine rack within it. Make sure you have all the required building materials, as well as the right tools to assemble your storage space and wine rack. You should use materials that will be able to withstand the weight required to hold your racks and wine. Leave about an inch of space above the wine rack to ensure that traffic on the stairs does not jostle your wine.

Before you assemble and install your wine racks in your new wine storage space, make sure to clear out any cobwebs and clean the area thoroughly.



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