Retail Wine Display Ideas

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Retail Wine Display Ideas

Endless retail studies all seem to come to the same conclusion: people are most likely to buy an item that is at eye level. It is no different with a wine display. So how do you maximize your eye-level shelf space without giving up stock space and organization?

One way to set up your retail wine display is to display one of each style of wine on the eye level display. Deciding how to choose what brand or price point deserves eye-level status depends on your business model. If your model is to move a large amount of product, making about the same profit no matter what the price point, place the most popular or best value product at eye level. If your model is based on having a higher profit margin on higher priced items, be sure to place your most premium selection at eye level on the display.

Another way to increase the efficiency of your eye-level displays is to put display bottles on risers and use less conspicuous space for storage. Place the display bottles on risers above your retail wine racks. Organize them so it's easy for consumers to figure out which bottles are where -- you don't want to lose sales because people either can't find what they want or grab a display bottle and prevent others from seeing that type of wine.



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