Commercial Wine Display Ideas

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Commercial Wine Display Ideas

Getting just the right solution for your commercial wine display can seem daunting. You want to be sure your store stands out, and yet you want your customers to be able to find what they need and the high quality they deserve. When brainstorming ideas about what you want your commercial wine racks and wine displays to say about your business, it is important to consider style, functionality, wood type, finish, and lighting.

First, think about what you want the customer to feel when they enter your business. Do you want them to think "California vineyard," "Michigan winery," "European wine cellar," or a contemporary look? The feeling a customer gets when they walk into your store starts the relationship with that customer.

Second, consider functionality. In particular, you will want to think about floor space needed, layout requirements for cooling, and the variety of items you will be stocking. Make sure the wine rack solution you choose will do the job you need it to now, and also consider how it will function as your business grows.

Choosing wood type and finish is one of the most important decisions in determining the style of your commercial wine display. Choose a wood and finish that will serve as the basis for the rest of the décor of your store. From the texture and grain of different types of wood, to the distinct difference that the color of finish makes, nothing is more important to the image of your store than the aesthetics of your retail wine display.

Finally, make sure your displays are lit correctly. How you light your displays can help bring attention to the items you want customers to notice first.



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