Show Your Taste with a Custom Wine Rack

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Show Your Taste with a Custom Wine Rack

Wine storage racks come in many different shapes and sizes to fit the many differing needs of connoisseurs. Even with the wide variety, not every out-of-the-box solution will fit your need. When the models available just won't fit your space or taste, it's time to start considering a custom wine rack. You could spend hours searching for the perfect custom plan, accompanied by detailed instructions on how to make a custom built wine rack, but then you reach the part of the plan that requires hundreds or thousands of dollars in power tools you don't know how to operate. Getting a custom wood wine rack doesn't have to turn into a month-long project with several trips to the lumber yard, when all you really want to do is stock your new wine rack and enjoy a glass. Start by assessing your needs. Next, make sure a total custom design is really what you need. Often modular options give much of the same flexibility in design as custom options but don't require an engineering background to understand the plans.

Before buying a book on custom wine racks, take some time to assess your woodworking skills and power tool collection and decide if your time would be better spent with your wine than in the workshop.



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