Home Wine Cellar Tips

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Home Wine Cellar Tips

Nothing can destroy a great wine like bad storage. Six factors and considerations are essential for proper wine storage:

  1. Make sure to store your wine in a dark place; avoid damaging UV rays.
  2. Make sure your wine is stored in an area relatively free of vibration. Avoid areas above garages and near large appliances.
  3. Use a humidity meter to make sure your wine cellar stays between 60 and 65 percent relative humidity. If humidity is low, install an active humidification system.
  4. Consistency of temperature is key and should be kept constant at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperature is inconsistent, it's necessary to invest in an active control system.
  5. Racking is also important, as bottles must be stored at a 20-degree angle to keep the cork moist. Home wine cellar racks offer many ways to do this.
  6. Finally, you have to keep your wine storage organized. Categorize your collection and keep a written record of what you have and where you are keeping it.

These basic tips will help you make sure you get the essentials right so that your home wine cellar, no matter how humble or grand, does the job you need it to do.



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