How to Build a Green Wine Cellar

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How to Build a Green Wine Cellar

Once you decide to build a wine cellar, you will quickly discover that temperature and humidity mean almost everything to the proper storage of wine. Leave a few thermometers around your house and you will realize that the temperature in each room can vary depending on the time of day. This leads to the need for a dedicated climate control system for your wine cellar.

Several options exist to help keep your wine cellar efficient and "green." The first dates back centuries: the tried-and-true method of locating your wine cellar underground. Whether in your basement or in a newly dug cellar, underground wine cellars have proven effective in regulating temperature.

The second option is to supplement the electricity used by your wine cellar climate control unit with renewable energy sources, such as solar power. If you're feeling guilty about the added energy use, you can also offset it by buying electricity from companies that focus on renewables, or even buy carbon credits to offset the difference in your energy use.



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