Building Your Own Wine Cellar

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Building Your Own Wine Cellar

Home wine cellar construction can be a daunting task. From insulation, to cooling, to racking, to display, to décor the choices and decisions can seem endless. Why not consult an expert before building a home wine cellar? Building a wine cellar is a permanent addition to your home, and you want to be sure you don't leave out an important detail just because you didn't know it was a consideration. By consulting with an expert, you will be able to avoid the pitfall of not knowing what it is you don't know about how to build a wine cellar.

Start by speaking with the consultant about your physical needs and the space available. By making sure your consultant knows these basic facts you will be off on the right foot in your wine cellar construction. Next, consider the history of your property. Although it may be advantageous to build an underground wine cellar, you may want to reconsider if your basement has flooded in the past. Although it may be a hassle to replace the bottom three feet of drywall after a flood, it is a real project to remove, clean, and replace wine storage cabinets, racks, and bottles after a flood. With a little expert guidance and knowledge of your home, building your own wine cellar can be a great experience.



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