Go Green with a Wooden Wine Box

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Go Green with a Wooden Wine Box

One of the biggest challenges for any wine connoisseur is transporting their wine. Whether to a family gathering or a wine tasting at a friend's home, transporting your wine can be a challenge. Too often wine ends up in a paper bag, in a plastic bag, wrapped in another plastic bag. That's a lot of waste. Reduce your waste and use a wooden wine box instead. You will be sure that not only will your wine arrive safely at your destination, it will do so in style. Thinking green is about more than just recycling your wine bottles. Transport your wine bottles in a wooden reusable wine box. You will be cutting down on the amount of disposable packaging you use and will have a much safer way to transport your wine.

Wooden wine boxes also make a great way to package your wine to give as a gift. Wooden boxes can be personalized with custom designs so not only will the recipient be amazed at your wonderful gift, they will have a great wooden box to reuse when transporting wine or storing small quantities. Make your next gift a green one, and package your wine in a wooden wine box.



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