Choosing Wine Cabinet Furniture Styles

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Choosing Wine Cabinet Furniture Styles

Choosing the right wine cabinets for your wine has a lot to do with what room the wine storage cabinet will be in and whether you expect to add more wine storage cabinets later. Several options are available when choosing which style of wine cabinets will be right for your needs. Common styles of wine cabinets are modular designs, custom designs, and refrigerated cabinets.

Modular designs allow you to expand your storage space over time. They also allow you to fit a layout to the size wall or space you want to use without having to get everything custom made.

Custom designs provide the upscale look to your wine rack cabinet display. They can include ornate trim and curved surfaces not available in the modular kits. Custom designs are also great when dealing with very little space (such as under stairs) to best utilize the entire space without the vibrations of people walking up and down the stairs affecting your wine.

Refrigerated cabinets allow you to control the environment without needing to use a climate system in a wine cellar. They also control both the temperature and humidity, ensuring your wine collection is in the best condition for its age.



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