Natural Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

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Natural Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

With more people becoming ecologically conscious, finding the most energy-efficient wine cooling units can be an important concern when designing your wine cellar cooling solution. Making your wine cellar as ecologically friendly as possible means looking to the past and to the future for the best solution.

Wine cellars have been built underground for hundreds of years. Ground temperatures take longer to change than air temperatures, creating a relatively constant temperature level. In some climates, locating your wine cellar underground can be all the temperature control that is needed. However, for most wine cellars and climates an underground location alone will not ensure a favorable environment.

Another way to naturally cool your wine cellar is through the use of cool ground water and a well to naturally create a wine cellar cooling system. Like the ground itself, ground water stored deep in the Earth has a constant temperature that can be pumped through piping to cool your wine cellar.



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