Design Your Own Wine Cellar

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Design Your Own Wine Cellar

Wine cellar designs can be as different and varied as the many wines found around the world. Tastes differ, and your wine cellar design should reflect your personal taste and style. Several options are available when planning your wine cellar layout and each has its own pros and cons.

Modular design lets you arrange a layout that fits your needs and style without breaking the bank or requiring the time necessary for a custom build. Modular design incorporates many kit wine racks, stackable cabinet, and furniture options, allowing great custom feel without the custom price tag.

Custom wine cellar design lets you add the individual details to your wine cellar such as custom countertops, trim, accents, and finish. Start by accumulating wine cellar design ideas. Perhaps you've seen a great layout at a winery or have seen a piece of furniture that you think would make a great wine cabinet. Work the features you find in other places into the design of your custom wine cellar.

Finally, whether you go with a modular or custom design, a wine door brings the look together while protecting your wine from climate fluctuation. Get a wine door that creates a good seal and has the look to match both the inside of your wine cellar and the entryway that leads to it.



1/16/2012 8:25:46 PM
Winepine said:

I typically enjoy quick blurbs on a blog, but you have me wanting to know more about the modular design you would recommend for a wine cellar. Do you have any pictures or examples? I would also like to add a very unique wine cellar decoration to your arsenal; which are wooden wine crate panels. These are the engraved sides of a wine box or crate, and they have the designs and artwork of the winery that made them. Feel free to visit: for more on them.

Thank you again, and i'm looking forward to more of your posts!


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