Where to Put Your Wine Rack

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Where to Put Your Wine Rack

Finding the perfect place for wine racks in your home can be just as much of a challenge as designing a home wine cellar. All of the same conditions need to be considered.

  1. Consider temperature. Be sure to place your wine rack in a place that keeps a consistent temperature and does not exceed 75 degrees. Examples of bad places to put wine storage racks include on top of a refrigerator, next to the stove, on top of a microwave or convection oven, near a heating vent, or above the dishwasher. All of these appliances produce heat.
  2. Keep your wine out of direct sunlight. Although it may look stunning to place a wine rack in a window to get the effect of the light through the glass, this is not good for the lifespan of the wine. When you think you have found an optimal location, track the temperature of the area throughout the day and make sure it will not be exposed to direct sunlight at any point.
  3. Finally, make sure your wine rack furniture and wood wine racks are in an area that will not experience significant vibration on a regular basis. Take care not to locate wine racks above a garage door opener or next to a sink with a garbage disposal.

By taking the same care in locating your wine rack as you would in constructing a wine cellar, you can be sure you are keeping your wine in the best condition possible.



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