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What woods are right for my wine furniture?

Wine Furniture in the Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are a lot more than storage rack systems today. They are often the entertainment hub of the home, and now, you can find all sorts of customized furniture made especially for the wine cellar. Wine furniture runs the gamut from custom tables and chairs to serving pieces, lighting, artwork, and bars. You can outfit your wine cellar with just about any type of wine furniture that will enhance the decor and provide comfortable seating, serving, and dining. Make sure you choose durable woods for your wine furniture that will not rot out or mildew in the humid environment of your cellar. Or, you can create a separate room next to your cellar for entertaining, so you don't have to worry about the humid environment.

What Other Additions Can I Have In My Wine Cellar?

Unique Wine Rack Options Excellent Additions To Cellars

Wine racks are not the only storage option for individual bottles of wine. There are other furniture options available for easy and stylish storage. They include:
Bookends with attached wine rack: This allows you to store your favorite books and four to six bottles of your favorite wine in a display often made of wrought iron. Rubber feet keep the racks in place and the combination of the books and wine add to the intelligent and elegant design.
Wine armoire: This wine rack furniture product should be made of the finest wood you can afford. Wine armoires generally store a mini-wine cellar with limited temperature control. They can hold up to 50 bottles and often include a rack for stemware, an accessory area and more.

What Is A Chadder?

Chadder Doubles As Chair and Ladder

Another convenient piece of wine room furniture is a combination ladder and chair.
Dubbed a "Chadder," it converts from a chair to a ladder with little assembly and is a convenient piece of cellar equipment. The ladder part of the product helps you to get wine in hard-to-reach places, while the chair aspect is a good spot for relaxing in the calm environment of your wine cellar.

What types of tables are available for wine cellars?

Tables for Wine Cellars

If you want your wine cellar to do more than store wine, chances are you want to include a table or two. In fact, most owners find tables are a necessity in their wine cellars. Tables can be custom made for wine cellars, and they can serve as dining tables, serving tables, or simply a small table where you can open and serve bottles. Tabletops can also be custom designed to fit your wine cellar perfectly. Tabletops come in wood, stone, tile, corona, or a variety of other options.

What Is The Benefit Of A Rolling Ladder?

Rolling Ladder Adds Convenience To Wine Storage

Trying to reach bottles stored in high places is a common complaint of many wine cellar owners. For this reason, a handy piece of wine cellar equipment is a rolling ladder. A rolling ladder can assist you in reaching bottles stored higher up on your racking system. It contains wheels on the bottom of the ladder for ease of movement and convenience. Rolling ladders are generally made of wood and you can choose one to match your wine cellar racks. The retailer should install the tracks in the wine cellar floor and make sure the wheels move smoothly over the type of flooring you have in the space.

Where Should I Store Wine Cellar Accessories?

Designate Space for Wine Cellar Accessories

Designate a space in your wine cellar for wine accessories. This area can be a drawer, storage bin or space on a wine rack. Accessories included should be: various sized corkscrews, a how-to guide to wine storage, a wine breather, stemware and more. Having these tools readily available expands on the convenience of having your entire wine collection stored in your home.

What Is The Purpose Of A Hanging Glass Rack?

Hanging Glass Rack Adds Convenience To Wine Cellar

A glass rack is another added convenience in your wine cellar equipment. A rack of glasses is convenient for wine tasting events with family and friends. A hanging glass rack usually provides storage for 15 to 20 glasses and should be securely fastened to the wall to avoid any accidental damage to your stemware. Make sure glasses are clean, sparkling and similar in size. This stemware rack adds an elegant tasting area to your wine cellar.

What Should I Know To Build A Wine Cellar Rack?

Tips For Building A Wine Cellar Rack

Should you choose to construct a wine cellar rack from scratch, there are a few tips to keep in mind:
Leave the rack in a rough format if you plan to store it in your basement wine cellar.
Stain and varnish it if you are planning to place it in the dining or living room of your home.
Use top-shelf materials in the construction process of your wine cellar rack and follow the directions given in any kit you use.

What Kind Of Lighting System Should I Install In My Wine Cellar?

Recessed Halogen Lighting Systems

Wine cellar equipment encompasses different kinds of accessories as well as wine cellar furniture. These various pieces can be pulled together to create a unique look for your wine cellar space.
A recessed halogen lighting system with a frosted, tempered glass lens can add a dramatic flair to your wine cellar. Look for a system with a 12V/20W bulb and a polished aluminum reflector.
Monitor the amount of heat the lighting system contributes to your wine cellar. Too much heat can cause a temperature imbalance in your wine cellar and affect the quality of your wine stock.

What Purpose Do Pine Cubes Serve?

Pine Cubes Great For Storing Wine

Wine cellar racks are not the only pieces of cellar equipment that properly store wine. Consider using pine cubes to store bottles and cases of wine. They are stackable and easy to expand.
Every compartment is capable of holding six bottles of wine, and two cases worth of wine fits into four compartments. This is an easy-to-assemble storage method that can add a bulk of storage space to your wine cellar.

What Is The Benefit Of Owning A Freestanding Wine Cellar?

Freestanding Wine Cellar

A freestanding wine cellar boasts a number of great features, all of which highlight why it is an excellent addition to your cache of wine cellar equipment.
You can adjust the temperature inside of the wine cellar and most models come with chrome racks that pull out to display the contents of the cellar. There should also be an anti-tip feature on the product and a basket capable of holding two magnum-sized bottles of wine.

What Are The Most Appropriate Temperatures For Individual Wine Storage?

Appropriate Temperatures For Wine Storage in Wine Cabinets

Different types of wine should be stored at different temperatures. Wine cabinets, with coolers installed inside, allow you to chill each different type of wine at the appropriate temperature. Preferred temperatures are:
Champagne and sparkling wine: 43-47 degrees Fahrenheit
Deep, rich red wine: 59-66 degrees Fahrenheit
White wines, including blush, rose and dry: 46-57 degrees Fahrenheit
Light, airy red wine: 55 degrees Fahrenheit

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