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Should I use metal wine racks?

Metal Wine Cellar Racks

Most people think of wooden wine racks when considering wine cellar racks. However, metal wine cellar racks are just as effective. The benefit of metal wine racks is that they remain constant in varying temperatures and humidities -- although, ideally, your wine cellar will be consistent in both these areas. Metal wine racks also incredibly durable and able to hold many bottles at a time. Wrought iron is the classic metal used for wine racks, but you can also find them in a variety of metals and colors. For the illusion of a larger collection, combine wooden and metal racks in your cellar.

How can I design a wine cellar?

How to Design a Wine Cellar

Wine cellar design can be a great deal of fun. A cellar is like a private den for your wine collection. Although there are important factors to consider in wine cellar design -- space, location, aesthetic elements and types of storage needed or desired -- you really can be as imaginative as you want in creating a display for your collection that suits you and your personality. Consulting wine cellar designers is a good first step. Those who are more hands-on, may wish to invest in some wine cellar design software to develop a perfect layout.

I don't have enough room for a wine cellar! Do I?

Creative Wine Cellars

Don't have room in your home for an entire wine cellar? Think again! Architects and builders are coming up with some pretty crafty wine cellar plans for a variety of homes.

Do you have a dramatic staircase in your home? Placing a cellar underneath the stairs is one way to gain space and store wine at the same time.

Do you have an extra large garage? You might turn part of it into a wine cellar quickly and easily. How about building a free standing wine cellar just off the patio or family room?

Or, have the kids gone off to college? You could turn their bedroom into a wine cellar and add value to your home, too. There are many creative ways to add wine cellars to your home, and if you brainstorm, you'll surely come up with many more.

Why is mahogany the best wood for a wine cellar?

The Finest Mahogany Wine Cellar

The finest wine cellars in the world are created from the finest hardwoods for durability and wine protection. Softer woods, like pine and redwood can dent after years of use. Pine and other woods, like birch, oak, and cherry, can actually retain moisture, which can cause them to rot and mildew.

Rot and mildew can affect the taste and quality of your wine. So, the finest wine cellar is built of mahogany. A fine mahogany wine cellar will last longer, protect your wine investment, and give you years of worry-free enjoyment.

I don' have room for a home wine cellar! What should I do?

Wine Cellars for the Small Space

If you don't have enough room for a wine cellar, you can still create a small storage area in many areas of your home. How about sectioning off a corner of your garage? Do you have a closet you aren't using? Under the stairs can be a perfect spot. How about an extra bathroom you don't use any more? If you look around your house you many find a nook or cranny that can be converted into wine storage. Small home wine cellars are popular too, and you can add a wine cellar rack to maximize your space.

What should I look for when designing residential wine cellars?

Designing Residential Wine Cellars

In reality, designing residential wine cellars is a lot like designing commercial wine cellars, just on a smaller scale. When looking for a designer for your residential wine cellar, look for an expert who knows wine as well as construction. Also look for someone experienced in designing commercial wine cellars. If they can design cellars on a grand scale, then certainly they can effectively design smaller residential wine cellars. Every residence has unique needs and concerns, so finding an expert is important for the success of your overall project. Designing residential wine cellars isn't rocket science, but it is a science just the same. Choose the right designer and you'll have much better luck with your residential wine cellar.

how can I build a wine cellar on a budget?

Budget Wine Cellars

Just because you are on a budget, it doesn't mean you can't have a quality wine cellar. Inquire about the use of off-the-shelf materials when building a wine cellar. Your designer will be able to let you know if these materials -- such as sheetrock, lighting fixtures, flooring and wall treatments -- are available for your project. You can add off-the-shelf items to custom designed elements of your cellar to help cut costs considerably.

How important is the wine cellar door?

Wine Cellar Doors: Open & Shut Cases

One of the most important aspects of your wine cellar is its door. Think of it: Wine cellar doors are the passageway to your precious collections of wine. Like a vault door that protects large amounts of cash or gems, your cellar door must be sturdy enough to withstand regular use, yet still seal out moisture and or dry air. Don't forget aesthetics, either! There are many styles of wine cellar doors to choose from. Solid mahogany doors can offer French-paned glass, and even etched designs. Of course, you can also opt for solid wood models.

Who should build a custom wine cellar?

Custom Wine Cellars

Custom wine cellars are the best route for those who want ultimate design control. When contracting with a cellar design company, be sure to have a clear picture in your mind of what capacity and style will be right for your collection. Your room dimensions should include height and width. As you develop the interior of your custom wine cellars – with or without the company's assistance – keep the room dimensions in mind when you select racking systems, furniture, and accessories for your cellar.

How can I design a custom wine cellar on my own?

How to Design a Custom Wine Cellar

The good news is -- you don't have to design a custom wine cellar on your own! There are plenty of design professionals who will be happy to help you with the design and building process.

Whether you want to put together a do-it-yourself kit, or work with a wine celler consultant to design custom wine racks for your builder to install, there are professionals who can help you with your dream. You can also play with design software on your own to see what your dream wine cellar will look like.

You know your wine, and the design professionals know their products. Together, you can come up with the custom wine cellar of your dreams!

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