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What's the real difference between wine racks?

What's the Difference Between Wine Racks?

We know that the type of wood makes a big difference in wine racks, but what else is important? Style is important, but probably the most important detail is function and service. How many racks do you need to store your collection? Will the wine racks hold up to use and abuse? Will the racks hold oversized bottles such as burgundy or champagne? What are the options you have when choosing and ordering your wine racks? Can an expert on staff give you advice and help you plan your design? If you can't answer these questions, perhaps you ought to look for wine racks from another vendor. The difference between some wine racks may boil down to the company's commitment to quality and the consumer, and that isn't always so easy to find.

What type of wood should I used to build a wine rack?

How to Build a Wine Rack

Sure, you can build a wine rack out of pine, cedar, or other decorative woods, but did you know they are prone to rot, and the rot can taint your expensive wines? The best way to build a wine rack is to use mahogany or redwood. Redwood is endangered, though, so try to stick with mahogany or your retailers suggestion. These woods may be a bit more expensive, but they are mildew and rot resistant.

They are also strong, durable woods, so they won't dent as easily as many other woods, although redwood is softer than mahogany. For a lifetime of enjoyment and utility, learn how to build a wine rack with the right wood. That way, you won't have to worry about replacing your wine rack someday, and you'll know your expensive collection is housed in the best wine rack available.

How can I spot an inferior wine rack?

Spotting Inferior Wine Bottle Racks

It's important to make sure your wine rack can stand the weight of your wine. Inferior wine racks are made out of flimsy materials and composite woods that will deteriorate over time. Poor quality wine racks don't give you enough room to store odd-sized or over-sized bottles and seem to be more about style and less about real storage options. There are many things to look for in wine racks. Make sure your purchase the right one for your needs, and you'll be much happier with the results.

How do I choose the right wine rack design?

What Wine Rack is Right for You?

Tall wine racks, short wine racks, wine racks with built in storage, wine racks with built in tables?

The options for wine racks and wine racks within a wine cellar can get confusing quickly. If you aren't a big wine drinker, you may just need a small, stocky wine rack to grace your kitchen or even to store wine in your basement. If you do love wine, and you're interested in building a proper wine cellar, here is how you start.

Your first order of business should be assessing your space. Get measurements and figure out what you can really fit. Then look online for the wine rack sizes and shapes that are available. If you choose a reputable retailer, they can usually walk you through your choices, or they may even have a software tool that allows you to drag and drop various components into a virtual space with the same specifications as your wine cellar, allowing you to design a wine cellar that will meet your needs.

There are several wine rack module designs to choose from, including tables that provide storage along with a tabletop that can serve as a bar or serving area, bins and case storage for bulk wine storage, and individual bottle storage racks that provide easy access to every bottle in your wine collection. Don't forget your decanting station!

When choosing a wine rack, think of where you'll place it in your home, how many bottles you'd like to store, and whether you'd like the rack to look more like furniture or cabinetry. All of these decisions will help make choosing the right wine rack a bit easier.

How do I know it's time to install a wine rack?

What Are Some Benefits in Investing in a Wine Rack?

Why should you own a wine rack?

  • You can save money.
  • You can always have your favorite wine on hand.
  • You can store wine effectively.

If you like these reasons, then the time is right to invest in a proper wine rack. Installing a wine rack will help you save money by allowing you to buy your favorite wines in bulk, rather than one or two bottles at a time. In addition, you can collect your favorite vintages without worrying about storing them correctly.

Don't forget, you can also make some money if you invest well in more than one case of a very special vintage. You can store the extra cases, selling them at a higher price or trading them for another spectacular vintage. Good wine is more than a dining experience, it's an investment, and a simple wine rack or custom wine rack can store that investment much more effectively.

It is really that easy to build your own wine rack?

Build Your Own Wine Rack

If you're thinking about including a wine rack in your new home or adding one to your existing home, and if you are handy, there's no need to call a contractor. With wine rack kits that take the hassle out of the process, you can build your own wine rack quickly and easily.

The average person may need help, but if you have some carpentry know how and you aren't afraid to dive in, you can create a DIY wine rack that gives you the custom wine rack look, without the cost. They come with complete instructions on how to put the kit together, and they come in a variety of styles to fit any decor and lifestyle.

It's not hard to build your own wine rack, and adding a wine rack to your home will add elegance, style, and value. You can find wine rack kits that will hold a dozen bottles to hundreds, and all the kits come pre-drilled, so they really are a snap to assemble. You can open your kit in the morning and be storing wine in style by dinner time!

How can I find just the right wine rack kits for my needs?

Finding Wine Rack Kits

Sure, there are plenty of wine rack kits out there, so how do you find the wine rack kit that's right for you? And what it a wine rack kit anyway?

Wine cellars can be custom designed or created with various wine rack kit components. You can approach a wine cellar consultant and have them create something specifically designed for your space or you can get pre-made components in different shapes and sizes and put them together to work in your space or with your collection. You can buy components individually, or in multiples, depending on your needs.

Look for quality wood (like mahogany), kits that are easy to put together (with pre-drilled holes and all the hardware included), and designs that fit your lifestyle and decor.

You should look for a quality manufacturer that knows the business of wine, so you can be assured they know just how to store it. You should have plenty of design options and accessories available to help customize your wine rack. Oh, and the staff should be able to knowledgeably answer any questions you might have. Finding just the right wine rack kit is much easier when you know what to look for.

How do I know my wine bottle racks are stable?

Durable Wine Bottle Racks

When you design your home wine storage, think durability. Some wine bottle racks look stable, but really can't stand on their own. That means your precious collection could be in danger!

Look for stable wine racks constructed with durable, full panels, so they'll stand tall full or empty. Also look for wine bottle racks that will fit into the decor of your home. The wood should be high-quality, but the racks should also give you options, like combining a table with individual bottle storage, or creating a modular system you can move if the need arises.

Durability, scalability, function, and design are all important features in the best wine bottle racks.

How do I build a wine rack successfully?

How to Build a Wine Rack -- II

You can send away for a wine rack kit from many manufacturers. However before you sit down to build a wine rack, there are some things you should know. You need to make sure the room where you want to put your wine rack has been prepared. (See Construction tips). You should make sure the kit has high-quality materials and easy to follow instructions. You should make sure you have all the tools you need. Finally, it's a good idea to have some help available, especially if you're working on one or more large racks. It's really not that difficult to build a wine rack when you have the proper instructions!

What Should I Know About Building A Wine Rack?

Tips For Building Your Own Wine Rack

Should you decide to build your own wine rack, there are a few factors to keep in mind:
Make sure your wine bottles will be stored horizontally. This will keep the wine in contact with the cork and keep in from drying out and allowing oxygen to enter the bottle.
Measure each aspect of your custom wine rack to be sure it can accommodate the size of the bottles currently in your collection as well as any future bottles you might purchase.
Be creative with the design of your custom wine rack. Make sure it fits the decor of the room, however, do not be afraid to use color and incorporate art elements. Flirt with different types of wood ranging from mahogany to beechwood or look at a wrought iron design.
If you are taking this on as a do-it-yourself project, make sure you understand how to build a custom wine rack. This is where a wine rack kit will come in handy. It will explain dimensions, measurements and give suggestions on materials and the type of custom rack you should build to fit the space.

What should I look for in wine rack design construction?

Wine Rack Design and Construction

There are plenty of wine rack designs to choose from today, from metal to solid wood and wood veneers. Watch for high-quality materials in any designs, and the wine rack construction should be top-notch. For example, bins should have solid sides constructed from single pieces of wood. Why? Because they are stronger! If you want to store hundreds of bottles of wine in a rack or bin, that wine will weigh quite a bit, and some racks with shoddier construction may not be up to the stress of that weight. Your wine is an investment and a joy, don't let it be ruined by a rack that isn't up to the challenge of your collection!

How do I know what wine storage system is right for me?

Should I Choose a Wine Rack or a Wine Cellar?

What's the right storage decision for you -- a wine rack or a wine cellar?

An individial wine rack can be a part of your kitchen decor, or be the beginning of your own wine cellar if it is placed in the proper location in your home. If you aren't a great wine collector and you don't want to invest a lot of money, a wine rack may be sufficient for you.

If you are a collector and you have a number of valuable bottles of red and white wines, you should consider creating a wine cellar. You can build a real wine cellar, with humidity and temperature control that is comprised of multiple racks and this can store all of your wines.

Many people also install a small refridgerator in their wine cellar to chill white wines for immediate consumption - but white wines can be stored at the same temperature as your red wines.

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may need both simple wine rack storage in your home, for easy access and decor, and a proper wine cellar for your collection. So, you might want to add a large cellar to your home, and a smaller wine decorative wine rack in the kitchen or dining room to hold the bottles you plan to serve right away.

Is It Possible To Build My Own Wine Rack?

Do Research Before Building A Custom Wine Rack

A properly constructed wine rack should correctly cradle the bottle and allow the label on it to show. Custom-built wine racks are the best wine rack options because you can design them to suit the needs of your collection and space. You can also build your own wine rack to fit comfortably into the space you have chosen to store your wine. If you choose to build your own wine rack, do research to learn what materials to use in the construction process and anything else you need to know to put together a quality custom wine rack

Why should I build my own wine rack?

Building Your Own Wine Rack

If your wine collection has gotten large enough to warrant a serious storage system, you may wish to build your own wine rack. Wine rack kits offer a variety of styles. Modular systems are ideal, as you can mix and match them to suit your particular collection's size. For example, bin and case racks – which look like diamond bookshelves – are excellent for large lots of wine. Even if you can't fill each “diamond,” accessories are available to convert shelves into single-bottle displays. This makes your collection utilitarian as well as aesthetically pleasing!

Is There Instructional Material Available To Show Me How To Build A Wine Rack?

Get Instructional DVD To Build Wine Rack

If you want to build your own wine rack, consider purchasing an instructional DVD to walk you through the process. Often, it helps to watch someone else go through the process, particularly in elaborate custom wine rack projects. You can purchase an instructional video at most major electronic retailers as well as online with retailers who specialize in wine building materials and accessories. This would be a wise investment for anyone learning how to build a wine rack.

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