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How Important Are Lighting Elements To My Custom Wine Cellar Design?

Cellar Door and Lighting Elements

Two of the most important aspects of your custom wine cellar design are the door and the lighting options. These two elements can either hinder or help achieve the desired result when you build a wine cellar. The door should be an exterior grade door with a weather seal to keep the temperature of your home wine cellar regulated at all times. The light in your wine cellar should exude as little heat as possible, while still adequately lighting the space. Carefully consider your door and lighting choices during the process of wine cellar construction to maintain as much care and efficiency as possible.

Can I entertain in my custom wine cellar?

A Custom Wine Cellar for Entertaining

Today, a custom wine cellar isn't just for wine storage. It can be used for everything from dinner parties to home wine tastings, family gatherings, and beyond.

Wine cellars don't always have to be cold, dark environments, and so, more people are using them as additional living space in their homes. A custom wine cellar can be comfortable, cozy, and inviting.

If you want to use your custom wine cellar for entertaining, be sure to let the design consultants know. They can give you some excellent ideas on what to incorporate in your cellar to make it multi-functional as well as perfectly balanced for multiple wine storage needs.

Can I Include A Wine Cellar In The Design of My New Home?

Install Wine Cellar During Construction Of Your Home

New home construction is on the rise and many homeowners are opting to install wine cellars during the construction phase of their home. After your home has been built and furnished, it is often more difficult to install a wine cellar because of the logistics of large-scale home improvement projects.
However, if you work with your architect during the planning stages of your new home, they can suggest and construct an area with the ideal conditions for a wine cellar. This can save you time and money and help to create the perfect environment for storing your wine collection.

What Considerations Should I Have Before I Beginning The Wine Cellar Design Process?

Ask Questions Before Beginning Wine Cellar Design Process

A wine cellar is as individualized as your home. While all wine cellars should be focused on function, you should answer some questions before beginning the process of your wine cellar design.
How often do I plan to spend time in my wine cellar? Do I want a design similar to the one I currently have throughout my home? Do I want to maintain a focus on function or would I like the space to look more elegant and refined? Do I plan to entertain in this space? How much volume do I plan to store in my wine cellar?
The answers to these questions are important to your wine cellar design. You want the time, money and effort being spent on this space to give you the desired result when it is completed.

How Can I Add A Stylish Touch To My Wine Cellar Door?

Wine Cellars Doors Can Be Decorated With Wrought Iron Grilles

Your wine cellar doors are an important aspect of your wine cellar. An exterior door is ideal, however, it is not your most stylish option. However, you can customize a wine cellar door with a wrought iron grille.
A wrought iron grille gives your wine cellar door a decorative touch and an old world appearance. Grilles are custom designed for your door with proper dimensions and sizes by the manufacturer and shipped to a local retailer, who will install it for a nominal fee.
You can either design the door yourself or choose from a variety of pre-existing designs. Either option will provide your wine cellar door with a new look, while still maintaining a high level of protection from the outside environment.

Can I create a custom wine rack for my oversized or odd-shaped bottles of wine?

Filling Your Custom Wine Cellar

When you plan to use a custom wine rack in your wine cellar, stop and think about what types of wines you'll store.

  • Do you collect over-sized bottles such as Magnums or Jeroboams? If so, then you'll want to add bin storage to hold these over-sized bottles.
  • Do you collect a lot of champagne or burgundies? No worries! Look for over-sized racks designed specifically to hold bigger bottles effectively.

The best wine cellars are suited to your storage needs and desires, and offer many alternatives for a wide variety of collections.

How Involved Should I Be In The Wine Cellar Design Process?

Be Involved in Wine Cellar Design from Inception of Project

Upon contracting with a company to build your wine cellar, you should have input on your wine cellar design from the inception of the project. After making the final decision to do business with one company, furnish them with dimensions of the area you have proposed for your wine cellar.
The dimensions should include the room's height (including all entrances) and width. Decide on the design of the racks for your wine cellar and whether or not what you have chosen will fit within the confines of your wine cellar design. Make any requests for special services, such as art or additional furniture.
This is also a good time to finalize your financial obligations, including anticipated costs and labor. Ask the company to break down the cost by percentage or an itemized cost sheet of each step of the process of constructing the wine cellar. Make sure you are aware of the cost up front and have signed a contract or agreement for the price you have been quoted.

Should I Spend Money On High Cost Construction Materials?

Invest In Good Building Materials

Spend as much money as you can afford on the elements used in the construction process of your wine cellar.
The materials used to construct your cellar need to be durable and made of the best quality possible. Your entire investment is dependent upon your wine cellar standing the test of time in dark, cool, damp conditions. If you are working within the confines of a budget, splurge on the big-ticket construction items. Smaller additions, such as custom wine racks or additional decorative items, can be purchased later.
If you put a large investment into the construction of your wine cellar similar to the investment you have made in your wine collection, you can guarantee that both will last for years to come.

How Big Should My Collection Be Before I Construct A Wine Cellar?

Calculate the Size of Wine Collection Before Beginning Wine Cellar Planning

Before you begin to follow through with your wine cellar plans, calculate the anticipated size of your wine collection.
Count the bottles you currently have stored and figure out how big you would like your collection to be. This will help you to properly estimate the size, cost and materials involved with constructing your wine cellar. Do not mete out your resources on a large wine cellar project if you only plan to keep a few bottles in your home. For this purpose, consider a wine cabinet or racking system in an existing room of your home.
Wine cellars should be constructed for large or growing collections or for those who consistently buy wine in bulk.

What Kind of Materials Are Most Cost-Effective in Building My Wine Cellar?

Use Off-The-Shelf Materials In Wine Cellar Design

Before finalizing your wine cellar plans, ask your architect or project supervisor about using off-the-shelf materials in the construction process.
Using off-the-shelf materials can help you save considerably on the cost of building your wine cellar. These materials can include sheetrock, lighting elements, wine cellar doors or windows, wine racks or wine storage bins.
You can still customize your wine cellar by mixing those materials with custom elements, such as art, antique furnishings and handcrafted fixtures. This is one way to have a one-of-a-kind wine cellar without driving up the cost.

What Is The Benefit of a Wine Cellar?

Wine Cellar Makes Collection Available Anytime

Constructing a wine cellar is usually done for the convenience of having an entire wine collection available to you at all times. The ability to store your favorite bottles in proper conditions for the right length of time can intensify the flavor of the wine. Drinking wine when it has fully matured is the height of the wine tasting experience for most wine connoisseurs.

Many collectors purchase bottles by the case because this is the most cost-effective method of collecting a variety of flavors of fine wine. Wine cellars can help to protect your investment and provide the right conditions to help wine grow to maturity. Some people make the initial investment with the intention of selling the wine for a higher price once it has matured. Whether you are constructing a wine cellar for business or personal reasons, investing in this type of home improvement project is a good idea, particularly if you plan to pour large quantities of money into a wine collection.

Can I combine a custom design service with kits to create the perfect custom home wine cellar?

Creating Custom Home Wine Cellars

There are so many options when creating custom home wine cellars that the choices can be a little overwhelming. Some systems aren't flexible, and some have so many options it can be bewildering.

Using a custom design service to create custom home wine cellars takes some of the stress out of the project, and also gives you many more options. For example, you can combine custom services with do-it-yourself kits to create the home wine cellar that is absolutely perfect for your needs.

No matter the size or the scope of the project, creating custom home wine cellars is a breeze with custom design professionals who aim to please!

What Is A Wine Management System?

Utilize Interactive Wine Management System in Wine Cellar

Manage the wine collection in your wine cellar with an interactive wine management system. This machine is similar to what is used in restaurants; however, many retailers now offer it for home wine cellars as well.
The system is installed in your wine cellar and set up for you to enter each bottle of wine as you store it. It keeps a running inventory of all of the bottles stored in your wine cellar and enables you to properly manage your collection with a simple, easy-to-use touch-screen.
A wine management system allows you the opportunity to use technological means to be aware of exactly where bottles are stored, how many brands and flavors of wine you have in stock, which bottles have been used and which ones need to be re-stocked.

Is Wine An Acceptable Gift?

Entertain Anytime With Large Wine Collection

A wine cellar gives you the advantage of being prepared for entertaining guests in any situation. By having access to your private collection, you have wines on hand to go with any meal or guest preference. You can provide mature, pleasant-tasting wines for your guests without having to leave your home. Wine is also a perfect gift. If you have a large collection stored in your wine cellar, you always have a bottle on hand to give to a family member or friend on a special occasion.

How Important A Factor Is Temperature In My Wine Cellar Design?

Temperature Control Important In Wine Cellar Design

Temperature control is arguably the most important consideration in wine cellar design. Here are some tips involving temperature and your wine cellar:
When the temperature of your wine cellar is too warm, your wine will age twice as fast. This means that the flavor will change (usually for the worse) and the taste you are expecting will likely be much different.
Frequent changes in temperature can introduce oxygen to your wine. As warmer temperatures take over, the pressure in the bottle expands and causes the wine to lose its luster. This also affects the flavor of the wine.
If you want your wine to taste pleasant and have the fullest amount of flavor possible, invest in temperature control methods for your wine cellar.

What Is A Cellar Book?

Invest In A Cellar Book

Invest in a paper bookkeeping system, in addition to the aforementioned computerized option. Organize your wine, either by size, label, rate of maturity, or another random system. Record your organizational methods into a "cellar book.”
A cellar book will enable you to find a label without having to search exhaustively. This system allows you to track all of the wine that comes in and out of your wine cellar. Your cellar book should include a diagram of your wine cell with descriptions of each wine and the rack on which it is stored, so you can better keep track of all of your labels and various rates of development.

Can My Wine Cellar Be Exposed To Sunlight?

Choose An Area Without Sunlight For Wine Cellar

Should you decide to construct a wine cellar, choose an area of your home that has no exposure to sunlight. The heat from the sun can have a negative effect on the quality of your wine stock. This is why the basement area is preferable for a wine cellar. If you must choose an above-ground area in your home, try to have your wine cellar towards the center of the home. The room you choose should also be able to handle a cooling unit and racks for your wine collection, while still allowing enough space to walk-around and add other furniture to the area.

Where Should I Put A Wine Cellar In My Home?

Wine Cellar Environment Should Be Calm and Quiet

In the initial stages of wine cellar design, an important factor to consider is the environment surrounding the wine cellar. Do not plan wine cellars around areas of your home with high amounts of activity.
Wine cellars need to be calm, stable and quiet. Vibration from cooling units, refrigerators, household machines and appliances and people walking or running around the home means that your wine will never truly rest. This will cause sediment to become mixed in throughout the bottle and will invariably affect the flavor of the wine.

How Do I Know Which Wine Cellar Design Is Best For Me?

Individualized Wine Cellar Designs

Wine cellar designs are as varied as the design of individual homes. The wine cellar design you choose should best suit your home and the volume of wine you plan to store. For volume ranges from medium to high, a walk-in wine cellar is the best option available. The size of the wine cellar should depend on the size of your home and what locations are available for this project. A walk-in wine cellar should include an appropriately-sized cooling unit and reinforced paneling throughout the space. Racking options can vary, although modular wine racks are easily adapted to differently sized wine cellars. Accents can include contrasting styles of wood, murals and striking pieces of art and a unique door style. This can make your wine cellar stand out with style and elegance.

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