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How can I present a gift of wine?

Wine Gift Boxes

Wine makes a great gift. For friends, family, and business associates who take wine seriously, nothing makes a more thoughtful statement than a wooden wine gift box. These boxes typically hold up to 12 bottles. They're delightfully reminiscent of the time when wine was almost always packed in wood (instead of cardboard), and are a perfect addition to anyone's collection. Wine can be stored safely within them, but is still easily accessible, as most wooden wine gift boxes have sliding lids. Some companies even offer personalized engravings on gift boxes.

How can I display wine easily in my wine shop?

Wine Boxes for Retailers

If you are a wine retailer, you can complement your showroom's wine display with wooden wine boxes. These are ideal for displaying wines that are on sale or new wines for which you'd like to develop a following. You can place one wine box at each end of your free standing racks or even line a few boxes up to create an island of their own. Wine boxes also provide easy display of your cases of wines. Additionally, customers enjoy the ease of selecting one or more bottles simply by picking them straight out of the box.

What is a wine rack box?

Personalize Your Wine Box

A wooden wine box used to be the common method of shipping wine. But these days, fewer wineries are using these wine boxes. However, you can still get your hands on these sturdy boxes with sliding covers (for extra protection) and even personalize them for either you or a wine connoisseur.

Storing wine in your wine cellar has never looked so good. Purchase a wine box with your name and initials engraved. Want to ship wine to a friend? Surprise them with a personalized wine box. Simply choose the artwork you want to display and include the name and initials of the recipient.

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