How Do I Store Large Bottles of Wine?

Plan For Large Bottle Storage In Residential Wine Cellars

During the planning process of your residential wine cellar, allot for wine racks that hold abnormally sized bottles. The average size of a wine bottle is 75 cl. However, larger bottles have become more common and actually store wine better than smaller bottles. A good rule of thumb is to store four to six bottles of your best wine in magnum-sized wine bottles, which are among the largest available. Do not purchase bottles larger than magnum-size because they are difficult to handle and store. Flexible wine racks can accommodate your differently sized wine bottles. Also, remember to group your wines by size for convenience.

Wine Storage Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I remove red wine from a silk sweater?

I know nothing of storing wine but just received a case of a German White wine. How do I store the bottles? Is it true that depending on the wine the bottle should be either tilted upward, downward or straight up?

Why should I build my own wine rack?

How should I display the wine in my shop?

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how can I build a wine cellar on a budget?

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Where should I put my wine cellar?

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What are some basics to wine cellar construction?

How fast should my wine cellar cooling unit change temperatures?

What are the kinds of wine cooling systems?

At what temperature should I keep my wines?

What is a wine rack box?

What type of wine rack is right for my collection?

What can I do with empty spaces in my wine rack?

Is a wood wine rack a good choice?

How should I clean my wooden wine rack?

Why does wine need to have its own storage area?

Where should I store my wine glasses?

How can I display wine easily in my wine shop?

How can I present a gift of wine?

How do I select a wine cabinet?

What is a wine locker?

Where can I store my wine?

What is a wine rack table?

How do I use color in commerical wine display?

How do I use cardboard boxes in commerical wine displays?

How do shelf talkers help with commerical wine display?

How do I use theme in commerical wine display?

What are some complimentary sale items I can use to attract attention to my wine display?

How do I use the holidays in commerical wine display?

What are the options with metal wine racks?

what are my options with wooden wine racks?

what are my options with suspended wine racks?

What are my options with a wall mounted wine rack?

What about unusual wine racks?

what are the options on hidden wine racks?

what are built-in wine racks?

How do I build a wine rack?

Why is climate controlled wine storage important?

What is the benefit of a dual temperature wine storage unit?

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