Creative Wine Cellars

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I don't have enough room for a wine cellar! Do I?

Creative Wine Cellars

Don't have room in your home for an entire wine cellar? Think again! Architects and builders are coming up with some pretty crafty wine cellar plans for a variety of homes.

Do you have a dramatic staircase in your home? Placing a cellar underneath the stairs is one way to gain space and store wine at the same time.

Do you have an extra large garage? You might turn part of it into a wine cellar quickly and easily. How about building a free standing wine cellar just off the patio or family room?

Or, have the kids gone off to college? You could turn their bedroom into a wine cellar and add value to your home, too. There are many creative ways to add wine cellars to your home, and if you brainstorm, you'll surely come up with many more.



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