Residential Wine Cellars Add Value to the Home

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Can a residential wine cellar add value to my home?

Residential Wine Cellars Add Value to the Home

Adding a wine cellar to your home's design can add value to your residence. More and more people are discovering the joys of investing in and enjoying fine wines, and they need adequate storage facilities.

It makes sense to add a wine cellar to your home if you enjoy wine. It also makes sense if you want your custom home to continue to develop value and equity. Fine residential wine cellars are just like the wines they contain -- they just get better with age!



2/27/2008 4:01:00 PM
Chris Miley said:

A wine cellar is more than just a room to store your wine collection. It needs to be well insulated to maintain a stable temperature. If a passive cellar cannot maintain a temperature that is cool enough - around 13 to fifteen degrees celcius the cellar will require a cooling unit. Domestic airconditioning is inadequate for storing wine as it removes the humidity from the air. A wine cellar requires humidity to assist in keeping the corks moist.


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