What Wine Rack is Right for You?

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How do I choose the right wine rack design?

What Wine Rack is Right for You?

Tall wine racks, short wine racks, wine racks with built in storage, wine racks with built in tables?

The options for wine racks and wine racks within a wine cellar can get confusing quickly. If you aren't a big wine drinker, you may just need a small, stocky wine rack to grace your kitchen or even to store wine in your basement. If you do love wine, and you're interested in building a proper wine cellar, here is how you start.

Your first order of business should be assessing your space. Get measurements and figure out what you can really fit. Then look online for the wine rack sizes and shapes that are available. If you choose a reputable retailer, they can usually walk you through your choices, or they may even have a software tool that allows you to drag and drop various components into a virtual space with the same specifications as your wine cellar, allowing you to design a wine cellar that will meet your needs.

There are several wine rack module designs to choose from, including tables that provide storage along with a tabletop that can serve as a bar or serving area, bins and case storage for bulk wine storage, and individual bottle storage racks that provide easy access to every bottle in your wine collection. Don't forget your decanting station!

When choosing a wine rack, think of where you'll place it in your home, how many bottles you'd like to store, and whether you'd like the rack to look more like furniture or cabinetry. All of these decisions will help make choosing the right wine rack a bit easier.



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