Should I Choose a Wine Rack or a Wine Cellar?

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How do I know what wine storage system is right for me?

Should I Choose a Wine Rack or a Wine Cellar?

What's the right storage decision for you -- a wine rack or a wine cellar?

An individial wine rack can be a part of your kitchen decor, or be the beginning of your own wine cellar if it is placed in the proper location in your home. If you aren't a great wine collector and you don't want to invest a lot of money, a wine rack may be sufficient for you.

If you are a collector and you have a number of valuable bottles of red and white wines, you should consider creating a wine cellar. You can build a real wine cellar, with humidity and temperature control that is comprised of multiple racks and this can store all of your wines.

Many people also install a small refridgerator in their wine cellar to chill white wines for immediate consumption - but white wines can be stored at the same temperature as your red wines.

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may need both simple wine rack storage in your home, for easy access and decor, and a proper wine cellar for your collection. So, you might want to add a large cellar to your home, and a smaller wine decorative wine rack in the kitchen or dining room to hold the bottles you plan to serve right away.



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