Do I Really Need a Wine Room Cooler and Humidifier?

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I live in a cool climate. Why do I need a wine room cooler and humidifier?

Do I Really Need a Wine Room Cooler and Humidifier?

Yes, the bottom line is -- if you care about your wine and your investment in it, then you need a wine room cooler and humidifier. Even if you live in a cool climate, you still need to carefully control the climate inside your wine cellar to make sure your wine is happy at all times. Too warm or too cold a temperature can harm your wine, and not enough humidity can dry out the corks and spoil the wine. Inside, heating tends to dry out interior woods, so think what it will do to your wines and wine corks. Everything needs to be in balance for your wine to be content. So, invest in a wine room cooler and humidifier when you build your wine room, and you won't regret it later.



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