Be Involved in Wine Cellar Design from Inception of Project

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How Involved Should I Be In The Wine Cellar Design Process?

Be Involved in Wine Cellar Design from Inception of Project

Upon contracting with a company to build your wine cellar, you should have input on your wine cellar design from the inception of the project. After making the final decision to do business with one company, furnish them with dimensions of the area you have proposed for your wine cellar.
The dimensions should include the room's height (including all entrances) and width. Decide on the design of the racks for your wine cellar and whether or not what you have chosen will fit within the confines of your wine cellar design. Make any requests for special services, such as art or additional furniture.
This is also a good time to finalize your financial obligations, including anticipated costs and labor. Ask the company to break down the cost by percentage or an itemized cost sheet of each step of the process of constructing the wine cellar. Make sure you are aware of the cost up front and have signed a contract or agreement for the price you have been quoted.



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