Take Appropriate Steps In Constructing Residential Wine Cellars

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What Questions Should I Ask Of The Company Building My Wine Cellar?

Take Appropriate Steps In Constructing Residential Wine Cellars

Residential wine cellars have gained popularity as more people have begun to appreciate the value of a diverse wine selection located in the comfort of their home. When you sit down with a company to discuss your custom wine cellar design, here are some steps to follow: Clearly, communicate your needs and desires. Tell them how many bottles you would like to store in your wine cellar, the current size of your collection, what you would like to spend on the project and any time constraints you may have.
Discuss, in detail, the design of your wine cellar. What do your envision for the overall design? Do you want many art elements? Do you want to have several pieces of furniture or would you prefer a sparser look to the space? Minimum or maximum lighting allowed. Do you want specific architectural elements? Splashes of color? Types of wood? Your answers to these questions can help the company involved in your wine cellar construction achieve the desired result.
What challenges will you face in building your custom wine cellar? Depending on the area of the house you have chosen for your wine cellar, there will likely be technical and aesthetic challenges. Go over them in detail with the company, ask questions regarding how they plan to address and overcome them in the construction of your home wine cellar.



11/7/2007 8:56:18 PM
Paul Wyatt said:

Wine cellars are like sailing ships in many ways.
I design wine cellars as free standing self supporting rack systems within the allocated space for the cellar. The designs are structural artifacts and all I need are accurate dimensions. Discussions with the client must come after the structural possibilities have been determined.


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