Cellar Door and Lighting Elements

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How Important Are Lighting Elements To My Custom Wine Cellar Design?

Cellar Door and Lighting Elements

Two of the most important aspects of your custom wine cellar design are the door and the lighting options. These two elements can either hinder or help achieve the desired result when you build a wine cellar. The door should be an exterior grade door with a weather seal to keep the temperature of your home wine cellar regulated at all times. The light in your wine cellar should exude as little heat as possible, while still adequately lighting the space. Carefully consider your door and lighting choices during the process of wine cellar construction to maintain as much care and efficiency as possible.



8/10/2007 8:26:55 PM
Jost said:

This tip is not really correct in that the door seal does not really regulate the temperature of the wine room. The refrigeration equipment will manage the temperature. There will be other problems if the room is not sealed correctly, i.e: proper weatherstripping on the door.

Additionally, the door and lights are important but not as important as a correctly installed vapor & air barrier and the correct refrigeration equipment.


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