Wine Racks Based on Size of Wine Collection

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What Kind of Wine Rack Should I Purchase?

Wine Racks Based on Size of Wine Collection

Wine racks essentially fall into two categories: those that store bottles in single compartments and those that store multiple bottles in one area. Both types of wine racks have advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantage of a multiple bottle storage arrangement is the ability to store multiple bottles of wine in the same location. A disadvantage to this system is that is can harder to find the exact bottle you are searching for with others in the way. Single label storage makes it easier to find the bottle you are looking for; however, your wine rack will likely take up more space. Choose a system based on the size of your wine storage space. Are you erecting your wine racks in a walk-in wine cellar or a designated room in your home? Look at different wine rack styles and determine the one that will work best for you based on the style, design and size of your collection.



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