Tips for Prepping Wine Cellars for Wine Cooling Systems

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What Should I Do To My Wine Cellar Before Installing A Cooling Unit?

Tips for Prepping Wine Cellars for Wine Cooling Systems

The most important aspect of a wine cellar is the wine cellar cooling unit. However, you cannot simply install the unit without properly preparing the wine cellar first. There are two factors to consider before you take the step of installing the wine cooling system.
1. The interior walls of the wine cellar should be covered in R-11 insulation and the exterior walls should be covered in R-19 insulation.
2. Walls should contain a vapor barrier. Vapor barriers are made of polyethylene plastic sheeting. Installed on the warm side of the wall, it serves as a barrier between the wall and the condensation that gathers because of the wine cellar cooling unit.
3. Flooring elements also need vapor barriers. Concrete wine cellar floors only need a vapor barrier with a concrete sealant. Other types of flooring need a vapor barrier and R-19 insulation to protect them from condensation.



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