Wine Cellar Cooling Units Vary

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What Are The Different Kinds of Cooling Units?

Wine Cellar Cooling Units Vary

Wine cellar cooling units are just as varied as other aspects of the wine cellar. There are different types of coolers that have different functions. They can include:
Through-the-wall wine cooling systems: This unit is mounted through the wall of the wine cellar and releases the exhaust into another room. The adjacent room must be air conditioned to dissipate the heat from the wine cooling system exhaust.
Split Refrigeration: This unit is similar to the one above. The main difference is that the evaporator coil is in the room with a split refrigeration unit and the condenser is placed in another room or outside of the home. This system also needs a drain for the excess condensation. A split refrigeration unit works best with a humidifier, to allow you to control the humidity of the room.
Split Air Handler: This wine cooling unit runs through the air ducts of the home. You can add a humidifier to control humidity as well as a temperature alarm to closely monitor temperature changes in your wine cellar.
Water Chiller System: Installed in an indoor space, a water chiller system uses chilled water to cool the coils in the unit. It uses water instead of refrigerant and creates cold air with an air handler. The chiller system has a reservoir for the water, which should be monitored regularly.



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