Look For Quality in Custom Wine Racks

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What Should I Look For In A Custom Wine Rack?

Look For Quality in Custom Wine Racks

There are certain factors to look for when choosing the proper wine bottle racks. The racks you choose should blend well with the decor of your walk-in wine cellar or other wine storage space. The design of the wine rack is important because improper storage can cause the cork of the bottle to dry out, allowing oxygen to get inside of the bottle. This can cause premature aging of the wine and completely devastate the intended flavor. Make sure your wine rack does not deteriorate quickly in humid conditions. Woods should be able to survive in a dark, damp space. Make sure this is the case with your custom wine rack before you store an entire collection on it.



10/28/2007 2:25:58 PM
Chris said:

The objective of wine racks is to carry bottles securely in a horizontal position, in as dense an arrangement as possible. It is important for bottles sealed with corks to be laid down to keep the cork moist. Bottles with screw caps can be stored standing upright but generally this is less space-efficient. Racking can be individual cells of timber, steel or plastic, simple shelving or diamond-shaped bins.


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