Books and Wine: The Storage Connection

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What can I do with empty spaces in my wine rack?

Books and Wine: The Storage Connection

The great thing about wine storage racks is that they have multiple uses. In the same way you display your favorite books on a bookshelf, you can show off your best wines on a wine rack. When you buy a bookshelf, you don't necessarily feel obligated to stuff it full of books – same thing goes for wine racks. Empty spaces can be filled with theme-appropriate accessories or knick-knacks. Stemware or sterling silver wine openers can be stored on shelves of your wine rack. You can also highlight a particular bottle of fine wine on its own shelf. Unlike bookshelves, however, wine storage rack location is important. Place your wine rack in a popular (but quiet and not-too-bright) area of your home such as the living room or dining room, or a climate controlled wine room.



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